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For those who have previously experienced a past life regression and are ready for a more profound personal journey, Between Lives Regression is both an extension and evolution beyond past life regression. Through a deeper level of hypnosis, it offers the opportunity of accessing soul memories before your current life. Between Lives Spiritual Regression has given many people a profound insight and understanding of their soul's evolution over many lifetimes, as well as the challenges, path and progress for their life now.

Between Lives regression has been progressively developed since the late 1960s by a number of professional psychologists and psychiatrists, the most prominent being Dr. Michael Newton. The main reported events of a LBL (Life Between Lives) journey have now been confirmed by tens of thousands of consistent reports, including near-death experiences.

A Between Lives regression can help you to access a spiritual perspective of your life. Through hypnosis, you follow the journey from your previous lifetime to your current life, discovering what you have learnt and what challenges you may still be working with. Experiencing your own sense of immortality for yourself can bring both enrichment and empowerment to your life. And seeing both life and death from this higher perspective often brings with it a deep inner understanding and sense of peace.

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Perhaps you've always wanted to know more about the recurring patterns in your life or the impact of significant events? Or about the choices which may be helping you achieve your purpose? Maybe you'd like to know more about the relationships with people who play an important role in your life? Which particular qualities or talents have you brought with you to enrich your life and the world around you? What are the lessons you are still learning? You may find answers to all of these questions and more which have particular meaning for you.

Between Lives regression gives you the bigger picture of yourself as a soul who has made this journey many times before. It offers limitless possibilities and resources for inner discoveries and can be a profound and life-enriching experience.


Between Lives regressions are 4 hours in length. Please note that a successful past life regression is a prerequisite for accessing the deeper levels of trance required for a Between Lives regression. This is a spiritual regression based on gathering insight and experiencing the feeling of 'coming home', along with many aspects of being in a state of higher consciousness. The learnings and profound experience of the journey are the focus rather than any therapy aspect. Your session is also recorded for you.

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'The Between Lives Regression was an amazingly enriching, supportive experience. Like no other. I can't believe how much information came through which was confirmed in the most magical of ways in the days following the session. I feel clearer and more grounded now; solid in my recognition of why I am here and more motivated to drive this forward.' LC, Counsellor


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