Energy Medicine

Energy medicine is based on the fundamental premise that physical matter as well as thoughts, emotions and beliefs are ultimately all made of energy. If we are all infused with this life force or energy, we can therefore also harness its power for repair and healing.

Many traditional cultures have used energy medicine over thousands of years. In chinese medicine, energy is called Chi (Qi). In other eastern cultures energy goes by different names such as chakras, doshas and marma points.

Energy Medicine FAQs

Stress, whether physical injury, emotional upset, psychological trauma or unhealthy lifestyle can block energy flow. Stress creates something like dams along a river or a traffic jam, where the flow is sluggish or has virtually stopped. Pressure builds up on one side whereas there is no circulation on the other. Either way, the outlook is not good for feeling or being well, and symptoms usually result which can lead to ill health.

Energy medicine can include any healing model that works on removing such blocks and re-harmonising the natural flow of energy in the body to restore balance, health and well-being.

Therapies such as kinesiology, acupuncture, acupressure, reiki or energy healing are examples of energy medicine.

During sessions we work in depth to clear, stimulate and balance energy flow, reducing 'stress' as we go. Previously hidden connections in symptoms may be revealed, whether in the physical body (e.g. hormones, muscles, organs, bones, digestion) or in limiting thoughts, attitudes or recurrent feelings. These connections can tell us where and what kind of stress is contributing to imbalance or ill health so that we can clear 'blocks' to health and vitality in a safe and gentle way. In this way energy balancing can help to free up your capacity for well being on many different levels.

I use a very gentle 'hands-on' approach when working with energy flow. It works through clothes and I may simply hold some points on the body whilst we talk.

There are many forms of energy healing. A simple way of looking at hands-on energy healing is that the practitioner acts like a conduit or an empty vessel for universal energy to flow through to wherever it is most needed. It is not the practitioner's energy which is used.

In other cases, it may just be that a person's own energy needs the time and space to re-organize itself, in which case, I hold that space for you until this process is complete during the session.

When balancing energy with kinesiology, specific meridian points may be held, tapped or gently massaged to stimulate energy flow.

My clients come seeking help with emotional or psychological issues, physical problems, chronic illness, feeling stuck in their life, career or relationships. Or they may want more focus and clarity to make a decision or move forward on a specific goal or project with greater ease.

I work with young children and babies as well as adults and continue to witness the transformative effects of re-balancing energy flow in all those I see. I combine a variety of energy balancing techniques in a unique way which may differ from standard energy medicine models.

During a session, you may feel pleasantly drowsy or become aware of thoughts or emotions which are connected in some way to your health issue. You may feel sensations such as a tingling, buzzing or a sense of heaviness. Some individuals may see colors, remember long-forgotten events or get intuitive insights. Others may feel more rested but not sense anything in particular, apart from relief from stress and tensions and feeling calmer.

After a session, you may feel anything from relieved, peaceful, comforted, more relaxed, energized or motivated, ready to act on new information and insight you have gained. Often people have a new, more open and neutral perspective on a problem which had been causing them untold, continuing stress before their appointment.

'Liz is a natural healer. At every meeting I was powerfully impressed by her capacity to tune in to my needs at a deep level, and by the depth and quality of her attention. I recommend her most highly.'

TS, Psychotherapist

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Founder, therapeutic coach and musician, Liz Kozlowski brings her extensive experience in the field of well being and rapid transformation to help you realize your extra-ordinary potential for health, peace of mind, creativity and fulfilment.

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'I left feeling really buzzy and calm yesterday, very focussed, as though something had 'moved' so thank you once again for such a powerful session of healing. You truly have a gift.' SM


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