Future Vision

Supposing that you could look ahead and see the where the course of your life is taking you?

What do you imagine your future will look like in 5, 10 or 20 years time if you continue on the path you're now on? What are your aspirations? What are the changes you would like to be seeing? What career moves would you like to have made? How would you have developed your skills and talents? Where would you be living? Who with?

Golden road

With the benefit of hindsight, it is easy for us to see which decisions were the right ones and those we have regretted making as well as the effects of the choices we have made in the past. A case of 'If only I had done this, that or the other...'

But supposing you could benefit from hindsight ahead of time?! In a way, you can.

Future Life Progression

Hypnotherapy typically enables us to revisit memories and resolve past experiences so that they no longer negatively influence the present. However, with Future Life Progression (FLP), you move forward in time to see more clearly the potential for your life and the dreams you would like to realize.

If you think of your mind as the most advanced bio-computer there is, it is a straightforward computation for it to tell you how your life may pan out in 'x' number of years, given your current situation, your attitude and behaviour. The results of this FLP may not always be as you imagine however...

The good news is that the future is not fixed and it may simply be giving an indication that there are possible changes to be made. There will always be a number of 'alternative futures' to be explored. And this is the stuff of pure potential just waiting for you to open to it!

See. Change. Create. On purpose.

What if you could explore the years ahead NOW and choose the future which expresses the best version of yourself and the highest potential for your life, your dreams and aspirations? What advice would your future self give you? What are the steps to take and make right now to start realizing your dream more purposefully, with the knowledge of the new choices available to you?

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Faster forwards

Future Life Progression is a truly enriching process which holds immense value because the insight you gain comes directly from the highest aspect of Who You Are. There is no-one to tell you how it 'should' be or what you 'ought' to do. Instead, you can experience the sense of inspiration, purpose and motivation that accompanies knowing exactly the right decisions, choices or actions for you to take and make. When you are in full alignment with your life's purpose, it is accompanied by a sense of inner joy and deep peace which clearly indicates to you that you are on the right path for you.

'The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.'
Chinese proverb

About Spirals of Life

Founder, therapeutic coach and musician, Liz Kozlowski brings her extensive experience in the holistic field to help you reconnect with and realize your extra-ordinary potential for health, creativity and fulfilment.

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'I got so much more than I expected from my sessions. Not only did Liz help me tackle my main priorities, but she also gave me a renewed feeling of balance and control over my life. Even now, some months after my last session with Liz, I feel the benefit of her listening ear and healing approach, with the simple reminders that she built into my everyday life.' KS


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