What is kinesiology?

Kinesiology encompasses a wide series of holistic health disciplines which promote health and well being. Originating from chiropractic, kinesiology combines Western techniques and Eastern wisdom to promote physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health.

Restoring balance

Kinesiology uses gentle muscle-monitoring techniques to gain information about your current state of health as well as what is needed to restore balance in body, mind and spirit.

Your body knows best - Kinesiology asks it!

In effect, kinesiology offers your body an opportunity to direct it's own healing, whilst connecting you consciously with the process. Through precision muscle testing, kinesiology can help to identify the energetic source of a problem, where 'blockages' are held, how these are disrupting health and, most significantly, what is needed to aid the healing response on many different levels.

Addressing the source not the symptom

Kinesiology muscle testing can help to identify and heal the underlying source of health problems that may be difficult to find by other means.

it is not unusual for clients to arrive with symptoms, sometimes long-standing, that cannot be accounted for in medical terms. With others, medical treatment aims at alleviation but does not resolve the problem. Many of my clients have also turned to kinesiology when they felt limited by talking and cognitive therapies. Whilst these can be helpful at managing symptoms, kinesiology taps into the body-mind to find and shift the root cause of the imbalance at the source of symptoms. There is no need to 'manage' symptoms which have then ceased to exist...

Kinesiology FAQs

Kinesiology may help with a range of issues encompassing stress, sleep, confidence, self-image, vision, movement, emotional upsets, trauma, muscular disorders, nervous disorders, allergies, digestion, hormonal balance, nutritional deficiencies, environmental sensitivities, learning and behavioural difficulties.

Kinesiology gives us insight into the connections between our thoughts, feelings and our physical health. Through Kinesiology we can discover what the body needs more of, such as vitamins, foods, rest, exercise, sunshine, music, changes in attitude or creativity. And it can clarify which harmful factors need to be reduced or removed from our lifestyle so that balance and health can be restored.

Because each individual is unique, so is their life experience, personality and genetic make up. Even with the same symptoms, what may be beneficial and healing for one person may not be right or best for another.

Kinesiology muscle-monitoring enables access to the subconscious mind and the higher intelligence of your Self as a whole. Through kinesiology, your body is given the opportunity and resources to direct its own healing, restore balance and expand your potential as a human being. When you are 'in balance', you feel well and it is far easier to access your own sense of knowing (intuition) so that you can make decisions and move forward with ease from a place of clarity.

The beauty of kinesiology is that it bypasses the stories and self-limiting thoughts that we have learned to live by, and helps to determine what is needed to bring the mind and body back into balance in just the right way for YOU.

Kinesiology uses a wide range of gentle hands-on rebalancing techniques which help the mind and body to relax and support your natural capacity for self-healing. These can include acupressure of reflex points, balancing chakras and the acupuncture meridians (without needles!), tapping meridian points as in EFT, emotional stress release techniques, age recession to clear early trauma, eye movement desensitization technniques similar to EMDR, energy medicine techniques, working with early reflexes, checking and balancing co-ordination patterns, brain integration techniques, optimizing nutritional status, checking for allergies, using of flower or vibrational remedies, clearing emotional stress and trauma and re-balancing body systems – spine (no manipulation involved), bones, joints, muscles, hormones, digestion, nervous system and much more.

People are often surprised at the immediate feeling of relaxation and wellbeing that even a short session can bring. Previously blocked energy flow may be quickly and efficiently rebalanced through the gentlest touch. What has to be experienced to be believed is that this sense of balance and flow is immediately transmitted to the physical body and is measurable through muscle testing.

You can leave your session feeling clearer and calmer, with more awareness about yourself, your habits and blocks and what you need to move forwards with greater ease.

Kinesiology is a gentle, safe, non-invasive holistic therapy and anyone who wishes to reduce their stress and improve their health and wellbeing can benefit, from babies to adults. It can facilitate clarity and insight at times of difficulty and enable new perspectives to help you find your way forward.

You don't have to be ill to benefit from kinesiology! My clients use it to keep themselves fit and healthy all year round. You change the oil in your car and get it tuned up at the garage on a regular basis. Do you apply the same principles of refreshing and fine tuning for yourself? Kinesiology is being increasingly used by athletes, entrepreneurs, performers and creative professionals to keep them at the top of their game. Because it works!

Kinesiology programmes are tailored to your objectives. I aim for rapid transformation. I know that this is possible as I witness it all the time.

The number of sessions you will need depends on a variety of factors including your level of motivation and commitment to change, your objectives, the type of issue you are seeking help with and whether it is something specific, recent or long-standing. The rate at which change happens is also very individual. It can be immediate or can happen gently over time, often paradoxically a combination of both. Sometimes extra time is needed between sessions to allow yourself to integrate new attitudes and ways of being. As always, we 'ask the body' what is best for itself and honour that wisdom.

Most of my clients report positive shifts and changes after only 1 session. However, please allow for a minimum of 4 sessions within a time-frame which can vary from 3 to 12 weeks. We review progress as you move forwards.

As an advanced kinesiology practitioner (AKFRP registered with the Kinesiology Federation), here are some of the types of kinesiology that we may work with during your session:

creative kinesiology

Creative Kinesiology

Healing the past. Expanding presence. Moving forward in full potential. Support through change. Self-empowerment.

perceptual bodywork

Perceptual Bodywork

Self-awareness through the body. Balancing posture, movement and body systems. Accessing higher perception.

five elements

Touch for Health

Simple, effective kinesiology for everyone. Accessible self-help techniques for improving health and well being, naturally.


Life Tracking

Releasing old patterns. Understanding and redefining your place in the world. Aligning your life to it's highest potential.

My approach incorporates all the skills and experience I've gained from over 25 years in healthcare: allopathic medicine, holistic, mind-body, perceptual and physical bodywork therapies, psychological therapies based on hypnotherapy, solution-focused therapy, regression therapy, advanced kinesiology and energy medicine. My sessions are 'made to measure' to help you make progress right from the outset in the ways which work for YOU.

About Spirals of Life

Founder, therapeutic coach and musician, Liz Kozlowski brings her extensive experience in the holistic field to help you reconnect with and realize your extra-ordinary potential for health, creativity and fulfilment.

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'I see the connections between the physical pain that I experience and my life experience, mood, and energy, yet alone I do little more than observe these patterns. With Liz there is togetherness, participation in my own healing. Always, every visit, there is a discernable shift in my physical, mental and emotional well-being. Kinesiology is a powerful therapy; but with Liz, the healing experience is unique. There is relief, renewal, optimism and balance.' AW, Therapist


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