Life Tracking

Many people in today's world are dissatisfied, bored with their life or feel that it has no meaning any more. Unexplained symptoms, aches and pains, injuries that just don't heal or feelings of inadequacy and anxiety can all be signs that we are 'off track'. Life tracking can help you get back on track again.

The upward spiral

Life tracking offers a fresh, dynamic approach to personal growth, giving you the opportunity to get back on your path, learn the tools to help you feel good, increase your energy and rediscover your sense of purpose. Drawing on Creative Kinesiology, life tracking can bring insight into the personal story behind those issues in life where you are feeling held back or stuck and help you find your way forward with greater ease and enjoyment.


My approach aims to help you rapidly transform those symptoms, thoughts, feelings and behaviours which stop you from experiencing life at your best. I tailor all sessions and programmes to the individual and combine the therapeutic tools which can help you progress right from the outset.

About Spirals of Life

Founder, therapeutic coach and musician, Liz Kozlowski brings her extensive experience in the field of well being and rapid transformation to help you realize your extra-ordinary potential for health, peace of mind, creativity and fulfilment.

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Performer's health and well being. Overcoming stage fright. An holistic approach to the performing arts.
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'I got so much more than I expected from my sessions. Not only did Liz help me tackle my main priorities, but she also gave me a renewed feeling of balance and control over my life. Even now, some months after my last session with Liz, I feel the benefit of her listening ear and healing approach, with the simple reminders that she built into my everyday life.' KS


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