Therapeutic Coaching

What does it mean?


  • Relating to the healing of disease
  • Administered or applied for reasons of health
  • Having a good effect on the body or mind
  • Contributing to a sense of well-being


  • Train or instruct (a team or player)
  • Give (someone) extra teaching
  • Give (someone) professional advice on how to attain their goals

Looking Forward

Simply put, therapeutic coaching combines therapeutic techniques and tools from a variety of disciplines with coaching to help you effectively address a current problem as well as helping you refocus your goals in life so that you can reach your fuller potential.

Therapeutic coaching is an inherent part of my whole approach and is integral to every session. An important aspect of getting life back on track is to be able to imagine what it will be like without having that 'problem' any more.
More than that, it is about:

Clarity - Decision - Flow

Holistic medicine looks at the bigger picture. Our living environment, work, relationships, lifestyle, past experience and point of view can all produce intolerable stresses and strains. Looking at the interplay of all of these aspects in our life can help us find a new, expanded perspective and realize all the choices we actually have.

Therapeutic coaching gives you the opportunity to consider and resolve often long-held issues whilst supporting you in identifying realistic and achievable goals for the future. As a result you will understand and trust yourself more. You will learn that you can achieve clarity on what is important in your life and start plotting your course towards it. You can realize that, as a human Being, you have the natural ability to learn, grow and create direction in your own life. And that there is always more of your potential to explore and liberate.

My approach incorporates all the skills and experience I've gained from over 25 years in healthcare: allopathic medicine, holistic, mind-body, perceptual and physical bodywork therapies, psychological therapies based on hypnotherapy, solution-focused therapy, regression therapy, advanced kinesiology and energy medicine. My sessions are 'made to measure' to help you make progress right from the outset in the ways which work for YOU.

About Spirals of Life

Founder, therapeutic coach and musician, Liz Kozlowski brings her extensive experience in the holistic field to help you reconnect with and realize your extra-ordinary potential for health, creativity and fulfilment.

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'I feel that a vital piece of the jigsaw has slotted into place - now feeling whole again!' SE

'You helped me connect more deeply with my possibilities and let go of the barriers to them.' MC

'I feel a real difference. Feel positive about future changes - it's possible!' CC


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