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Have you ever recognised a place you've never been to before? Or met someone and had the impression you already knew them? 'Deja vu' describes a feeling that the 'new' experience has happened to us before. Perhaps it has?

Many spiritual practices believe that we reincarnate over a a serious of lifetimes so that our souls can learn, grow and evolve and have the opportunity to become more spiritually attuned with each life lived. It is thought that we cycle through each lifetime with the same group of people, taking on different roles or relationships each time around. The unresolved issues (karma) that we work through together provide the perfect opportunity to help us to learn specific lessons and step up our spiritual evolution.

Are past lives real?

There can be other possible explanations for what is perceived as a 'past life' memory. Some may choose to believe that the mind creates it's own dissociated experience to deal with challenging issues and gain insight from a safe distance. Or that we tap into the Jungian 'collective unconscious' when we access a past life memory. For others, reincarnation is real. All beliefs are valid from the perspective of the believer. And which one is true is to some degree irrelevant.

Research has shown that a belief in past lives is not necessary to benefit from past life regresssion therapy. By simply allowing the mind to follow its own path, most people who experience past life regression find resolution, healing and self-empowerment in ways that they had simply not expected or experienced before. Their lives often feel transformed on many different levels.

How can past life regression therapy help?

Past life regression can help to transform the unresolved issues of the past which still exert a powerful influence on the present as well as give us valuable insights into our past, present and future lives. The knowledge of how we lived before can help us overcome current obstacles, understand and overcome fears or old habits, resolve relationship issues and bring healing to many other areas of health.

While looking back at your past lives can be exciting and intriguing, it is useful to remember that the most important life is the one you are living right now. Finding out what parallels you are experiencing with the past can provide a tremendous source of insight to empower you to make the changes that help you move forward this time around...


If you wish to explore a past life and how this relates to your life now, a one-off session lasts 2 hours. If you are considering regression for an ailment or behavioural pattern, regression therapy generally involves a reasonably short series of 2 hour sessions. It may include both past life or current life regression work, sometimes a combination of both. For shorter sessions, I combine kinesiology with hypnotherapy which allows another means of addressing the source of the issue at the deepest levels necessary to help you achieve positive changes to your health and well being.

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'Very helpful past life regression. It allowed me to understand my stuck feeling in this lifetime and to let it go with ease and love.' GB
'A wonderful experience. I now know why I'm doing what I'm doing. It's given me encouragement to enable me to help others in the future.' RJ


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