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Are you sick of smoking and want to quit, but don't know how? Whatever your reasons for wanting to kick the smoking habit for good, just one session of Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy may be the answer to you putting smoking behind you once and for all and remaining a non-smoker forever.


Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy is a simple, effective and powerful tool for the permanent eradication of unwanted habits such a smoking and is proven to be one of the most effective ways of stopping smoking. There is also no need for any inhalers, vapes, patches or gum that continue to feed nicotine back into your system. All that is needed to succeed is your full commitment to be BE A NON-SMOKER FOREVER.

I have developed a unique approach to Stopping Smoking which combines kinesiology with hypnotherapy to help you quit smoking for good. Hidden blocks to stopping smoking, such as unconscious self-sabotage patterns, can be rapidly identified and cleared, freeing the way for hypnotherapy to have the maximum benefit.

Are you ready?

There are two questions to ask when it comes to stopping smoking:

  • Have you made this decision by yourself?
  • Why do you want to stop smoking?

The decision to stop smoking has to be yours alone, because your ultimate success depends on your genuine desire and commitment to stop smoking forever. Make sure that you are not just quitting to please someone else. If you only want to cut down on the number of cigarettes, then hypnotherapy will not work for you, because if you are honest with yourself, you are not really willing to commit to stopping smoking.

List the specific reasons why you want to stop smoking in order of priority. Your reasons for quitting are significant motivating factors which, together with hypnotherapy, can boost your commitment and make it so much easier to quit once and for all.

Being a non-smoker

During hypnosis, your subconscious becomes more receptive to new ideas and suggestions. Hypnotherapy can encourage more sensible and balanced attitudes and behaviour, which can help to replace old unconscious habits and patterns from the past. Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy can not only help you in your commitment to stop smoking, but can also help you to remain motivated to achieve your goals more effectively e.g. coping better with stress, feeling more able to relax as a non-smoker.

Cut cravings

Cravings can often be significantly reduced or eliminated with simple energy techniques. Previous clients with high nicotine cravings have experienced their cravings coming down to zero within a minute or two.

All in the mind

For the remainder of the habit, it is all in the mind, which may be re-educated with hypnotherapy. As long as you have a genuine desire and full commitment to stop smoking, you can leave the session as a NON-SMOKER.

Free recording & self-help

You will receive a FREE Stop Smoking recording to help reinforce your motivation to remain a non-smoker for good. You will also receive after-care advice, including special self-help techniques to help you stay firmly on course in your commitment to your own health.

Benefits of stopping smoking

The health and wealth benefits of stopping smoking are huge. Just calculate your yearly spend on cigarettes. If you smoke 20 a day, the savings on 5 years of being smoke-free can add up to well over £12,000! What would you rather spend it on?

'I thought I was a confirmed smoker. I started the moment I get out of boot camp and continued thru my time in the U.S. Marines. For 30 years I smoked and thought that I couldn't quit until I had just 1 session with Liz. Not only did Liz address why I smoked, but also why I wanted to quit. She gave me a real sense of what it meant to be smoke free and followed that up with a great meditation audio that helps me remember it. I should have made the call to Liz sooner. I highly recommend you get in touch with Liz and start the rest of your life! '
Huey Morgan (Broadcaster, DJ, Musician)

If you have decided that your health is more important than your addiction to smoking and you would like to stop for good, get in touch to book your appointment. Your Stop Smoking session lasts up to 2.5 hours. Once you choose to invest in yourself instead of that old addiction, you will begin to save from the moment you stop. For the majority of smokers, savings can average in the thousands of pounds over only one year as a non-smoker. Add to that the inestimable benefits to your life expectancy, health and well being, you may also be saving your life. It's simple really.

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'Just to let you know that I am still a non-smoker. I found that the cravings were much less than on other occasions when I gave up smoking, so it has been easier. I just feel very relieved that I have managed to do it, with your help. I'm also not drinking alcohol and feeling more productive, just as I wanted. Thanks very much! EK


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