Inner child therapy

Inner Child

During the early years of our lives, we absorb many things from our environment, both on a conscious and an unconscious level. We assign meaning to our experiences and the emotions we associate with them - joy, anger, fear, sadness, love. We become adults and live adult lives, yet the same 'meanings' or beliefs we took on in childhood often remain unchanged. We may not even be consciously aware of them. And yet they continue to control our lives from a hidden level.

Truth or fiction?

Many of our early internal beliefs patterns are based on the what we have been told about ourselves and the world, but not least by the behaviour we have observed around us. The subconscious mind cannot tell the difference from what is real or what is imagined to be true. Thus information or experiences which impact us in negative ways can lead us into formulating certain beliefs about ourselves or the world, which may not necessarily be true but which then taint the rest of our adult life.

If we are shown a lot of love at an early age, then it is easy for us to believe we are loveable and worthy of good things. However if we feel that we are abandoned or lacking attention, then we may grow up believing that we are less worthy than others. Early comments from people that we are stupid or a failure, and physical or psychological abuse may hurt deeply at the time but may be forgotten. However such experiences can also lead us to live adult lives with such a low opinion of ourselves that we continue to attract those people and situations which reaffirm this to be 'true'.

Healing the child within

As adults we all retain an aspect of the child we once were, who still may be in need of attention, nurturing or healing. Inner Child Therapy aims to identify and address the unresolved experiences of childhood which unconsciously continue to limit you as an adult. This could relate to any area of life - money, relationships, work, family, love, self-image, self-worth or health. Inner child therapy can help to bring greater understanding as to the origins of unhelpful repeating patterns in your life, which stop you from moving forward and achieving your fuller potential.

How does inner child therapy work?

By going back to the time a self-limiting belief was first taken on and gaining an expanded adult perspective about the circumstances of your childhood, the belief can be updated to provide you with the positive regard that you, as a child, perhaps did not receive at the time. As an adult, you have the ability to 're-parent' yourself and allow self-empowering truths to then take their natural place in your psyche. You also have the potential to remember and integrate those special qualities that are inherent (but sometimes forgotten about), such as feelings of self-confidence, strength and self-acceptance, amongst many others. When positive beliefs become rooted at this deep level, they become reflected in your everyday life. And life changes for the better.


Using both hypnotherapy and kinesiology, the past can be reframed so that it no longer limits your sense of who you believe yourself to be. It is a simple and safe process which can be positively life-transforming in its effect.

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Founder, therapeutic coach and musician, Liz Kozlowski brings her extensive experience in the field of well being and rapid transformation to help you realize your extra-ordinary potential for health, peace of mind, creativity and fulfilment.

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'I was very impressed with Liz's quick and precise skills in using the different techniques to reveal the underlying issues that needed to be resolved. What astounded me was that even old beliefs and deeply engraved negative sentences that sabotaged my working life and what I would like to achieve could be diminished within only one session. Thank you, Liz!' MK


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